About Us

In November, 2014, a small group of nurses and nursing students met to share our ideas about how nurses can help shape the way we think and talk about the SDOH and how we can advocate for change in the social, economic, and political systems that impact the health of the people we care for. We named this group, LookUp, as a way to call nurses to look up and beyond the immediate situations we face in our nursing practice to explore and address the root causes of the health challenges that people face in their day-to-day lives.

Over the past year we’ve conducted a needs assessment to determine the focus of this group. We had several meetings among our growing membership. We had two Vancouver Community College (VCC) nursing students conduct an environmental scan of nursing and interdisciplinary practice associations to explore how they were supporting their members to address the SDOH. We had two VCC nursing students help us to conduct a web-based survey of BC nurses. With this information, we agreed that the main mission of LookUp is to create a forum that supports nurses to address the SDOH.

Within this forum, we aim to share ideas about how nurses can help to shape the way we think and talk about the SDOH and how we can advocate for change to the day-to-day life circumstances that affect people’s health and wellbeing. This forum includes three ways for B.C. nurses to engage and exchange resources with each other:

  • In person via monthly meetings and periodic workshops
  • A website for collating our meeting minutes and sharing key resources
  • A facebook page for exchanging updates on key events, workshops, conferences and political actions that nurses can join to address SDOH in communities across B.C.