Guidelines for using the ARNBC Communities of Practice Website
The ARNBC Communities of Practice (CoP) website offers a space for existing and emerging specialty groups to house their materials and communicate with members. The website is linked from the main ARNBC website ( and will have a basic 'look' that will brand it as ARNBC. Groups are welcome to add additional design elements such as their own logos or photos, but a basic template will be applied.

Generally speaking the ARNBC CoP website has very few ground rules. Existing and emerging groups can utilize the space as they see fit and as best fits within the parameters of their group. Your group is responsible for the content you place on your CoP site and it will not be revised or edited by the ARNBC.

In order to maintain the integrity of the ARNBC web presence, we do ask that you abide by a few simple guidelines.

In order to start the process, any CoP wishing to have a space on the ARNBC CoP website should ask themselves the following questions:
  1. Are there a few people (2 - 4) who would be willing to act as Administrators for the website?
    1. Administrators need to be willing to be responsible for content and maintenance of their CoP website as ARNBC is not able to administer your group's website. ARNBC provides the web space and general template, but it's up to your group to develop the overall look and content and to keep it up to date.
  2. Are your materials shareable with a public audience? If they are not, then the ARNBC CoP website is likely not for you. Please note, "shareable" does not necessarily mean "editable".
Below is some additional information that will help to inform your understanding of the
ARNBC CoP website.

  1. The CoP webpage will be public. Anyone can view materials, but only administrators can upload or edit materials.
  2. Google analytics will be applied not only to the main landing page, but to the CoP 'internal community pages' as well. This allows both ARNBC and your group to monitor the activities of your website. This can be helpful in determining how people are using your site.
  3. In order to access Google analytics, ARNBC staff will provide site administrators with login credentials.

  1. To request to be added to the ARNBC CoP website, users should email to start the process. ARNBC staff will communicate with the intended administrator(s), and set up a login for them to use on the new website.
  2. As noted, each CoP will have its own administrator(s). This person or people must commit to maintaining and uploading materials to the site as needed. ARNBC staff can help get you started but will not be responsible for maintaining or uploading content to the site.
  3. If you need to change or add administrators, please contact Remember, it is recommended that your group have between 2 - 4 people administering your site.
  4. At any point if your group no longer wishes to house items on the ARNBC CoP website, you are welcome to remove your materials. Please let us know by emailing, and we'll be sure that we don't close the site until you've had a chance to remove your items.

Setting up your site:
  1. Email us at to get started.
  2. The ARNBC team will provide you with a basic Wordpress 'framework' for your website as well as login information.
  3. Once you have the login information, you can begin the process of creating your own communities of practice website.
  4. Take a look at the existing Community of Practice, the BC Contraceptive Management Community of Practice for a sense of what's possible.

As noted, it is not ARNBC's intent to control or direct the content on your CoP's portion of the ARNBC website. However, the posting of obscene materials or engaging in other obvious abuses of the website (e.g. Spamming, using it for commercial gains etc.) will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate closure of your CoP's ARNBC website.

The administrators of your CoP's ARNBC website are responsible the quality of the content on the group's website. ARNBC does not take responsibility or accept liability for information posted to the group's site. ARNBC encourages the CoP website administrators to develop guidelines for determining what content gets posted to the group's website.