TODAY! Webinar: Pelvic Exam DST Update

For those of you are interested in attending the CNE (or watching the recorded session at a later date) reviewing the changes to the Pelvic Exam DST it is taking place today (Tuesday April 25, 2017) from 10‐11am.

Participants will have the opportunity to view the session live and pose questions or view the recording at a later date.

To view this presentation on or after April 25th click here:



Question: Migraine with Aura caused by SSRI?

Question: We recently had a client who reported migraines with aura in the past. They started when she was prescribed an SSRI and stopped as soon as the SSRI was discontinued.  Her doctor counselled her that the migraine with aura was due to the SSRI and that she is okay to go on a CHC and she has been on oral CHCs for the past two years with no migraines.  I know it’s a contraindication to dispense a CHC to someone with migraine with aura, but, does that mean if a client has EVER had a migraine with aura?  Is there any period of “migraine free” that would determine that the client is no longer considered a person with migraine with aura and that we’d be able to dispense a CHC?

Here’s my response – I welcome others to respond in the comments box with your thoughts and ideas on this issue. 

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Canadian Contraceptive Consensus no longer available to non- SOGC members

as of Jan 2017, the SOGC has ceased to make available their Clinical Practice Guidelines to non-SOGC members.  All of the SOGC clinical practice guidelines are now published in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada (JOGC).  The Clinical Practice Guideline that most affects the Contraceptive Management community

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