Contraceptive Management Decision Support Tools

Decision Support Tools (DSTs) are evidence-based documents used to guide the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of specific clinical problems or conditions.  DSTs are used in conjunction with clinical judgement, available evidence, following discussion/consultation with colleagues whilst taking into consideration client needs and preferences.]

CRNBC Certified Practice Decision Support Tools:

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 Non-Certified Practice Decision Support Tools:


Emergency Contraceptive Pill Decision Support Tool – Template (March 2012).  You must log in to see this valuable resource. 

March 2012 – Although the provision of progestin-only ECP is not a certified practice, Registered Nurses in BC who administer/dispense progestin-only ECP for the purposes of preventing a potential unplanned pregnancy need to follow an established decision support tool. This ECP DST template was created by the BC CM CoP and can be used or adapted for specific clinical practice environments. This is not a CRNBC document.

PHSA logo PHSA Pelvic Exam Decision Support Tool (Oct 2012)

Pelvic exams are not a part of certified practice although the ability to perform a pelvic exam is required for completion of STI certification courses. Registered nurses who carry out pelvic exams or cervical screening must possess the competencies established by the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) and follow decision support tools established by the PHSA.

BCCDC LogoNon-Certified Practice STI Decision Support Tools (BCCDC)

The following decision support tools are used by nurses (certified and or non-certified) to guide practice in testing, diagnosis, management and treatment of common sexually transmitted infections.